We use agile practices both in software development and in project management. Many of our clients tell us that this adds value in ways that no traditional process can match.

Watch this video to see how we work:

The short version:

Code Sprinters delivers the features you need – quickly and for less. In the time that other developers take to write a single specification document, you can already be using the first parts of your new software. Time is money.


Success requires being fast and flexible. Iterative development means that we create your software over a series of short intervals. Because the list of functions and the overall project can be modified in real time every few weeks (instead of being dictated by a lifeless specification document), the project evolves naturally and quickly, and leads to better results.

We use iterations of two work weeks, but up to four is possible, depending upon the project. Whatever is delivered at the end of each iteration must be completely finished. Finished means fully developed, tested and deployable. In fact, once an iteration is complete, most of our clients prefer that we immediately install the current software on their servers so that it deploys to their enterprise.

Key benefit: you have a new version of your system every two weeks, and any new feature you can imagine is up and running within three weeks of popping into your head.

By the way – Scrum, our project management method of choice, calls iterations "sprints". Hence our name.


For each sprint of the development process, the client agrees to a finite set of system functions, and the development team commits to delivering these.

Development progresses from iteration to iteration. Between iterations, the client may choose to change priorities, add new requests or delete others. Progress is charted by means of a list where all requests are kept. You, the client, put features and functions into a preferred order… and off we go!

Clients have told us that they enjoy having their cake and eating it, too. That’s what Scrum gives them. And it also allows time for our software developers to figure out solutions to complex challenges. Development is a creative process, with intelligent programmers dedicating hours of thinking to producing good code. That’s why being on the same page is so important.

Key benefit: flexibility to adapt as your needs change, commitment so that the team can move forward.


Our goal is to deliver functioning code. Even during the first iteration, or sprint, the code delivered will be done. It will be working, tested and deployable after just two weeks.

Across the globe, “the agile movement” emphasizes the delivery of working code over formal lists and documents. And we fully agree. After all, our clients seek working software, not "Statements of Work", "Requirement Definitions" or other formalities that don't do much.

However, that’s not to say that we don't believe in documentation, modeling or diagrams. It's just that we don't claim these as deliverables, because we believe that only working code counts.

Key benefit: you get a working version of your system in the time it would take traditional companies to negotiate their specification document.


Before each iteration, or sprint, a client can do pretty much anything he wants with the To-Do list of software deliverables. Most importantly, priorities can be changed, features can be updated, added or removed.

At any given moment, the list reflects your most current priorities. And because our team tackles tasks from the top of the list, your priorities are our priorities.

And prioritization is a good thing. Clients have told us that elsewhere they have paid for stuff that they never needed whilst not getting other things that were important. It's unrealistic to expect clients to know in advance what features or custom functions they truly need. It is natural that the best ideas come to mind along the way.

We embrace that reality.

Key benefit: pay for the features you need, get the most important sooner, and decide later if you still want the "nice-to-haves".


Great news: Because you receive a fully functioning product at the end of each iteration, you are never hostage to the development team. At any moment, you can walk away. With Code Sprinters, whatever we develop is yours all the time.

Key benefit: you own your system, and you can stop or start the project as you wish - always in possession of a functioning system.


Each day includes a client-developer team meeting with simple statistics that track our progress. At the end of each iteration we

  • show you what we accomplished and
  • agree with you the deliverables for the next iteration.

Key benefit: transparency and accountability; you know what we’re doing for you, every day. No other process offers this degree of control.

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